Who is SRCC?
Santa Rita Community Church strives to offer a passionate, loving, and safe faith community to pursue our relationship with Christ and experience His grace and meaning, while living out God's purposes for our lives. Also, we have a strong desire to extend our love and resources to our community to be Christ's example to those around us.
Loving God. Loving Others. Living Life Together.

The "greatest" two commandments in Scripture are 1) Loving God, and 2) Loving others as yourself. However, it not only matters what you believe, but what you do with what you believe. "Living life together" in love places intentionality on our beliefs and what we strive to do. 
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Our Faith
We believe in the Trinity, that Jesus Christ is God's Son and overcame sin and death by His death and resurrection, and that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. As sinners, humankind needs the grace and forgiveness available only to those who commit themselves to being a fully devoted follower of Christ. Such a commitment to Jesus Christ allows believers to enjoy God's blessings and power on earth and the guarantee of heaven following our death.
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I Am New
What do I do if I am new to SRCC?
Evening Service at Corona de Tucson Baptist Church
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Santa Rita Community Church
Meeting at Corona de Tucson Baptist Church
16540 S. Houghton Rd
Corona de Tucson, AZ 85641

Phone: 520-904-5136

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